Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prompt: Vultures soaring have beautiful wings, Science fiction version

Teksal watched the bok-sikahm soaring high above and thought it was really quite beautiful up there. The raptor’s eight-foot black wings were highlighted by a white “window” near the tips, which were outlined in bright blue against the lavender sky.

Her right thigh spasmed, and she shifted her hip slightly to relieve the pressure, then stilled when the bok-sikahm turned its head with uncanny precision. With its deeply curved beak thrown into profile, it once again looked like the death-on-the-wing she had spent the last six hours trying to avoid.

After a long moment, the bok-sikahm flapped its wings twice and resumed its lazy circle in the afternoon thermal. If Teksal could stay still--and if her shield could hide the scent of her blood--until nightfall in another five hours, she might escape the bok-sikahm’s attention.

Her shield was about the only piece of equipment that hadn’t been smashed to pieces in the rockfall. Only because her helmet and shoulder had taken the hit from the boulder than then crashed onto her right leg, pinning it below the knee. She had dropped her utility laser as she fell, and as little as she could move under the bok-sikahm’s watchful eyes, she could not even see it within reach. The straps of her archaeology pack had torn off in the fall as well, and although she could see it, complete with water bottle, it lay past her left toes.

Perhaps the worst was her comm sig, smashed almost as badly as the fingers on her left hand. Her only hope of rescue was if Jospul decided to come looking for her when she didn’t report back to base. He’d be able to track her last known position at the top of the cliffs. Had the hundred-metre fall triggered the comm sig to send a location change…

Note: The prompt is literal - I was watching a vulture flying and admiring how beautiful it was. I was inspired to do both a science fiction and fantasy "take" on the same scene. What do you think? Does one work better than the other? What do you like? Dislike? Comments always welcome!

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