Thursday, March 20, 2014

Prompt: A sixteen-year-old who is growing up on a farm is out in a storm, gets hit by lightning, and survives. After that, the kid can hear the thoughts of animals.

Courtesy of Melissa Donavan’s “Writing Forward” site

“Sam? What are you doing? Don’t go out in that weather! Sam! Get back here!”

Sam ignored his mother as he ran out of the house and past the tire swing. His worn boots sloshed through the water and he felt his feet get cold and wet. He tucked the bill of his baseball cap tighter on his forehead and shoved his hands back in his jacket pockets as he made a beeline for the sanctuary of the barn.

At least in the rain, even he couldn’t tell if there were tears on his face. Megan just broke up with him. On chat. Great. She was probably already laughing about it with her stuck up girlfriends on Tumblr.

There was a growl and a crack of thunder close by. Sam looked up just as the lightning streaked down and smashed him to the ground. He felt the sledgehammer and smelled burning hair. Then, nothing.

“Sa-a-a-am? Sa-a-a-am? Wake up, boy-y-y-y-. We’re hungry-y-y-y!” He didn’t recognize the gruff voice, but it sounded familiar somehow.

“Leave the boy alone. He’s had a rough night,” a cheerful, sing-song voice replied in clipped tones. Also oddly familiar.

Sam groaned, but as his fingers reached for a sheet or blanket or pillow – anything to block out the noise -- he felt the muddy ground beneath him. He bolted upright, looking around with bewilderment. He was still lying a few feet from the barn. The storm had passed, and the sun hadn’t yet risen.

In the grey, pre-dawn light, he saw Bruno, their oldest goat, and Biddie, his favorite black Minorca chicken, watching him curiously.

“Sam, are you all right? You don’t usually sleep outside in the rain. You feeling okay?”

Sam looked around. There was no one else in sight.

“Sa-a-a-am? Fee-e-e-e-ed us!”

He jerked back around to the two animals. Bruno shook his horns at him. No…it wasn’t possible…

Dogs in House
Brindle, Houdini

Time writing
15 minutes

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