Friday, March 7, 2014

Prompt: Drought, nudist, fishing boat, runner-up

“Here, will you put some more on me?” Karla handed me the bottle of SPF100 sunscreen and turned away. I gulped and eyed her backside warily.

“Um, sure,” I said, hoping I sounded casual. She just reached back and pulled her hair over her shoulder. I glanced over at her husband, but James was completely focused on the fish he’d been reeling in for the past 45 minutes. I poured some of the thick white sunscreen into my hand and began to run it on Karla’s shoulders. She rolled them back and sighed, relaxing under my hands. I continued rubbing the lotion down her back, slowing as I reached the base of her spine.

“Be sure to cover me well down there. My ass doesn’t get as much time in the sun as my shoulders, she said, and I could hear the mischievous laugh in her tone. She knew I was uncomfortable, damn her. Turned on. I rubbed the lotion all the way down her cheeks to her thighs, thinking about calculus and sports stats – anything but the warm skin under my hands.

Finally, she pulled away – had she leaned into my hands a little first? She gave me a quick smile over her shoulder. “Thanks. I can get the rest,” she said, carrying the bottle to the chaise and stretching those long legs out, pouring lotion onto her thighs. I turned away abruptly. Better go check on James’ progress…

“Son of a gun doesn’t seem to be getting tired yet,” he growled as I handed him a cold open beer. After a long swig, he set it in the chair holder and gave me a sidelong glance. “She’s something, isn’t she?” I almost choked on my beer. Did he think I….

He laughed and clapped me on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, son. Karla’s a beautiful woman, and a bit of a tease, but she lays her head on the pillow next to mine at night. I’d think you were blind, or queer, if you didn’t notice her.

I could feel my eyebrows rising higher as I sipped my beer and studiously watched the wake off the Mischief. Just what had I signed up for this weekend? Suddenly, I wasn’t entirely sure that the only fish on the hook was in the water…

Dogs in House
Houdini, Brindle

Time writing
45 minutes


  1. Writing report:
    (yesterday) novel editing, new scene in the new Ch21, Ch25
    (today) novel editing, Ch21, Ch25, contemplate replacing first scene in Ch21 with a different one

    Time: ~50 min (yesterday), 15 min (today)

  2. Nice by-play. The uncomfortableness of the MC is very well described. A little light on the scene setting, though, as it's not immediately obvious they're on a boat (I imagined a beach at first, then when I got to the fishing rod, read the prompt again and realised...). And are all three of them nude?