Monday, March 10, 2014

Prompt: Birth Day Memory

Kedja breathed in the ocean air as she carried Bakti across the sand to the water. Standing at the edge of the waves, she smiled as the cold water swirled around her ankles. Bakti twisted in her arms to see the pelicans soaring low over the waves, clapping with delight as it dipped one wing in the water, then straightened and continued on.


“Great Mother,” Kedja said to the ocean, “behold my daughter Bakti. On her birth day, I offer thanks and praise, and consecrate her life in the living tapestry.” She bent forward, lowering Bakti towards the gentle waves. She paused, and Bakti squirmed with excitement, as they waited for the next wave to roll in. She would lean down far enough to dip Bakti’s feet in the water.


But the Great Mother had other ideas. And perhaps a sense of humor or mischief. The next wave was much deeper than the ones before. It surged up over Kedja’s knees, splashing against Bakti’s back and across her face. Bakti arched her back and cried out against the cold water. Kedja shot upright, and almost lost her grip on her screaming child.


Kedja burst out laughing, and Bakti stopped crying in surprise. “What a trick our Mother has played on us!” Kedja stepped back from the waves and clutched Bakti close to warm her. “She must love you very much, little one, to greet you so well.”


Bakti screwed up her face in a frown, thinking about that as Kedja hurried back to their shelter to dry and warm them both by the fire. As Kedja stumbled in the sand, Bakti looked over her shoulder at the ocean. She reached out a hand and laughed, “Bakti go say hello again? Bakti play with Mother?”


Kedja laughed. “That’s my water baby,” she said, hugging Bakti close again. “Let’s go get warm and dry, then we’ll come back down to see our Mother again.”


Bakti wrapped her arms around Kedja’s neck and cuddled close, watching another pelican soar over the water…


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Houdini, Malachi
Time writing
20 minutes
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