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Margaret S. McGraw

My imagination draws on my love of science fiction, fantasy and anthropology. My education and experience range from anthropology and communication through web design and IT management. I live in North Carolina with my daughter and an array of cats, dogs, Macs and PCs, and too many unfinished craft projects.

I belong to two local writing groups, which provide excellent feedback on my own work and opportunities for me to share editing expertise with some exceptionally talented writers and editors.

My writing includes this blog, several short stories currently in circulation for publication, and two novels in progress. 

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Mira's Children is my first novel, a YA science fiction adventure. As Earth died, the Terrans sent out Settlers to transform barren planets, to prepare them for the final survivors. But Terran science didn’t recognize Mira’s innate magic, and the terraforming didn’t go altogether as planned. Now that magic is not only running wild throughout the planet, but through each of the newborn Terran children as well. Each child is born with a special magical Gift.

Since the arrival of the Military Corps, and with the impending arrival of the final wave of Colonists, what will the Settlers of the Valley Prime have to do to keep their secret – and their children – safe from their own kind? And what will Mira do to protect herself – and her children – from the same problems that eventually destroyed Earth?

~ ~ ~

My second novel, a fantasy called OceanSong, is the result of my NaNoWriMo 2012 challenge. Meliana is approaching the end of her life and tells her fantastic story to her caregiver Laurel. What would you believe if someone told you they were a mermaid?

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What's the deal on all the Namaste love talk?

We've all experienced loss. A parent, a friend, a partner, a child. Sometimes it's expected. Can you really ever prepare? Sometimes it comes as a heart-stopping shock. 

There's ugliness, pain, rage, suffering, and true evil in the world. Disaster in the news, made by man or nature. 

In a time of grieving, I had an epiphany. The answer, as beautifully simple and gloriously complex as life itself, is to Love More. In rare moments of grace, I am filled with Love, larger than myself,  shooting out of every fiber, every thought, every breath. Another word for this Love is Peace. 

It's okay if you're skeptical. Cynical. I often am, too. You can turn away. The Love is still there. You don't have to acknowledge it. You can say it's too simple, too trivial, too little, too na├»ve.  But perhaps you can let it rest with you for awhile. Maybe life will seem a little easier for a moment. Peace.

It's this Love that I offer you, my heart to your heart, my sorrow to your sorrow, my healing to your healing, my life to your life. 

The light of the universe that shines within me recognizes 
the light of the universe that shines within you. Namaste.

~ ~ ~

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