Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prompt: This stone is learning the ways of man

Continuing the theme I discovered with Los Dave’s marvelous Stone Dead Forever project.

This stone learned the speech of man
Under Socrates' tongue
Tucked in the groove behind the teeth
To slow his speech, smooth the stutter

This stone learned the death of man
In Socrates' hand, rubbed slowly
As the hemlock worked its way
Through his body, numbing from the toes up
Until the fingers lost their grip
And the stone tumbled to the floor

This stone learned the love of man
From a simple servant
who cleaned the rooms
picked up the smoothed stone
tucked it in his pocket
and carried it home to his young wife
her belly round with their first child

This stone learned the joy of man
In children’s games
Learning math and strategy
Music and scientific experimentation

This stone learned the loss of man
Carelessly dropped
By the side of the road
Clipped by hooves
Covered in dung
Buried under mud
Caked in clay
Lying silent

This stone learned the care of man
Revealed by a slender pick and painter’s brush
Warmed in the sun
Bathed in cool water
Carefully labelled
Artifacts from Athenian Road

This stone learns the variety of man
From under a glass
As men, women, children of all ages, colors, faces
Peer down to study it, as it studies them…

Oh, rough, rough, rough! Poetry requires far more *crafting* than prose, I think. every word is so carefully chosen! I almost resist sharing this 1st draft, but in the spirit of the blog, here it is, lumpy warts and all!

Dogs in house

Spotify Jesse Cook “radio”

Time writing
~20 minutes

February word count


  1. Writing Report:
    Novel editing, Ch21, Ch22, preview Ch23

    Time: 40 mins

  2. Thanks for sharing! I really like the idea, and think its pretty good already :) Main issue I found was occasionally confusion about what is being described -- especially with the first verse and then again when it's dug up, as I needed to reach the end of the verse to understand the start.