Sunday, February 9, 2014

Prompt: Interview, Something inside the wall, person who knows something other people don’t, teller of secrets

You followed my instructions exactly? You’re sure? You did not bring your cell phone or any other internet-connected device?

Good. We can be reasonably certain you were not followed then. Come in.

Please take off your shoes. Let me get these locks…this fifth one always gives me trouble. Oh, yes, you can hang your coat on the hooks there if you like.

Now, would you like some coffee, or tea? A cocktail? You see we live very comfortably here. Oh, yes, the flowers are lovely. Dani, our engineer, finds the greenhouse very soothing. Another time perhaps she will show you her orchids.

Here, just a moment, and I’ll bring tea. You’re welcome to look around. Josef, our security expert, is an excellent photographer, no?

Ah, here we are. Oh, thank you, the tray is heavier than it used to be. Please, help yourself, and make yourself comfortable. Now we can relax and I will answer your questions. To the extent that I may do so, of course.

I knew you would ask about that. I have given a lot of thought about what I may reveal. Not enough to satisfy you, I am afraid. Is part of an answer better than none? Well, then, I will do my best.

Before the insurgence, I was an architect. It’s not as surprising as one might first think. I have always liked to design and build. Then it was buildings, now it is empires. Hidden worlds. But then, I was the emir’s most trusted architect, and we were building the greatest country in the world out of nothing. Out of sand.

But I always knew--always—that this could not last forever. Our land has been forged in war through the centuries. The next was inevitable. And so I began to build my hidden empire even then. A small group of people, loyal to me, to their own futures, to protecting their families. Builders, security, technology—yes, all that you see here began in the desert sands so many years ago.

We knew long before the emir when the insurgence truly began, but we did nothing to stop it. Treason, I know, but only if you count yourself loyal to the ruling powers. By then, we were loyal only to ourselves…

Hmm, playing with one voice certainly forces a consistent POV! Is the character's voice compelling enough to keep your interest? I'm not sure I said enough here to keep you reading much further...what say you?

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