Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prompt: A tattoo artist, an abandoned hotel, a mysterious book, Part 2

Sarah walked in through the open doorway and stopped cold, staring open-mouthed.

Danny sat on a rolling bar stool he’d found in the first floor offices. As he worked, he braced his right wrist over his left forearm, balancing the tattoo gun over his current design. It was exhausting working like this, without resting the tip of the gun on skin. He held a cloth in his left hand, and with practiced ease, he lifted the gun and pulled his left arm backward over the design, wiping the ink away as his hands hovered over empty air.

Glancing at the book lying flat next to him, Danny nodded and returned to his work. “It’s looking good,” he said to the empty room. “We should be able to finish this up in a couple more sessions.”

“Danny!” Sarah exclaimed.

The book crashed to the floor.

Danny jerked his gun up away from his design and swore. “Dammit, Sarah! What are you doing here?”

“Really? Really?! What am *I* doing here? Danny, what are *you* doing? And why is that design floating in the air…”

Sarah’s face lost color, and she lifted  a hand to her temple, taking a stumbling step forward.

Danny stood up fast and set his tattoo gun and cloth on the table. Reaching for her, he stood between her and the design, drawing her to sit in his chair. Hands on her shoulders, he pushed the chair back toward the far wall.

“Sarah, honey, it’s okay. Take a deep breath. Everything’s okay.”


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