Monday, April 24, 2023

#WritersSpark: Steampunk Mystery


Courtesy of HappyColor

Who is she?

Royal? Academic? Mage? Innovator? Rebel?

Is she as young as she looks?

Did she make the butterfly? Is it a pet? A companion? A gift? A toy?

What can she see through her goggles?

What scent is the flower on her hat?

What bird did the feather come from? Free or captive? Plucked or found? Given as a token? And Oath? Or bought as a pretty trinket and nothing more?

Do the gold ribbons mean anything? Status? Availability? Class? Profession? Age?

What do you think?


And so, with a loving heart, I offer you
I’ve heard many translations. Here’s my favorite:
The light of the universe that shines within me recognizes
the light of the universe that shines within you.