Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prompt: Searching for Signs

Thanks to Kevin Radthorne for permission to use his beautiful “Searching for Signs”!

Ganenkh sat cross-legged at the top of the rise, his eyes closed and his face lifted to the warm summer sun. Still as the boulders that scattered the steppes, he flew on the shoulder of his companion, Shikra, high on the thermals above. Across the steppes, he watched the wanderers approach.

When they came near, he rose in a single motion, standing on his left leg, with his right foot braced against his left thigh, The Watcher. Shikra announced them, spiraling down with a loud skree, until he landed on Ganenkh’s padded shoulder and preened himself.

Eyes still closed, Ganenkh called out, “Welcome, Chuluunbold Enkhtuyaa, I have been waiting for you.” Shikra tilted his head to the side, sharing the view through his steady golden eyes.

Enkhtuyaa stopped at his words, planting her staff in the hard-packed soil. Her long black hair danced in the warm breeze. Her eyes were gold as Shikra’s, but as she turned the compass of her staff to face them, her eyes blazed red as the jewels set in its spokes and center. She was younger than Ganenkh, but she stood with strong courage before him. Her red silk draped and curved around her, and Ganenkh had a sudden desire to see her dancing. His lips twitched and he pressed them together to maintain his decorous mien.

“Who are you?” She asked, her eyes glowing like the setting sun. “How do you know my name? And what are you doing…here?” She waved her left hand wide, taking in the barren steppes around them.

Still standing in Watcher pose, Ganenkh brought his palms together in front of his heart and bowed. “I am called Batsaikhan Ganenkh, and I have been sent to show you the way.”

She frowned, but custom dictated she return his sacred greeting. As she rose from her bow and returned her hand to her unmoving staff, she challenged him again. “Show me the way to where?”

“Where you are meant to go, Bahaduyar Enkhtuyaa,” Ganenkh smiled. She drew back in surprise. “Namaste,” he said, as he opened his eyes. They blazed as red as hers.

The light in me is part of the light in you.

Shikra screamed and flew into the darkening sky.

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