Saturday, June 14, 2014

Prompt: Catesby, Mark VII


Catesby Seven carefully dug in the rich green loam with a slender reed, looking for signs of life in the manufactured soil. He wrinkled his nose at the thoughts. Everything on Hydro Station Four, or New Hope Colony as he privately called it, was manufactured, including himself. No less real, he smiled a little, thinking of Linneaus Five’s mantra. We are no less real.

Tapping his comm patch, Seven told the station, “Connect with Linneaus Five on Hydro Station Two.”

“Alignment in four hours, twenty three minutes,” the station’s calm female voice replied. “Shall I hold and initiate at that time?”

Seven sighed. There was no such thing as spontaneity in space. “Sure.” He continued digging, then saw a flash of movement that made him rock back on his heels, then lean so close his nose was almost in the dirt. He swirled the metallic reed around, creating a dirt funnel. There it was, exposed and wriggling. Gotcha!

“Are we in alignment with any other station at this time?” he asked with excitement. He wanted to share the good news with *somebody*. Anybody.

“Hydro Station Six,” replied the station.

Dammit. Anyone except Muir Four. That pompous ass would try to find some way to take credit for these, even if he wasn’t even on the same station.

“How about HS Three? Can we reach Ackerman Nine?” She was more poet than naturalist, like her prime, but she was cool. Seven would rather share the news with her than Muir any day.

“In 27 minutes,” the station replied.

“Fine,” Seven sighed again. “Tee it up and let me know when the connection is open.” He reached into his pack for a collection jar and scooped up the wriggling nematode. The first sign of original life, perhaps on any of the hydro stations. This could be huge.

Seven thought as he stood and headed back to the lab with his prize. Wonder if I’ll get to name it…

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