Monday, June 30, 2014

Con Report: ConTemporal, Sunday

Sunday began with two of my favorite lit panel topics: “The Best of Middle School and YA Books” with GOH Emilie Bush, JM Lee, and Marina Segeyeva; and “Effective Writing Collaboration” with teams Tanith Tyrr and Todd Stewart, and Clay and Susan Griffith.

I would also have liked to sit in on “YApocalypse”, with JM Lee and Chris Berman discussing the popularity of post-apocalyptic dystopias in YA literature.

A fun panel rounded out the schedule for our lit guests, “Artsist vs. Others Pictionary”, with The Traveling Revelers, Emilie Bush, The Gin Rebellion, Danny Birt, Scotty Sunshine, and Clay & Susan Griffith.

The day was both long (we were all feeling pretty tired by this final day) and too short, as we left closing ceremonies and began the mad round of goodbyes and taking down all the framework of “Chicago 1933”, returning the North Raleigh Hilton to “normal”.

Port Raleigh destabilized, and the ConTemporal departed for another year of adventure, scheduled to return when Port Raleigh restabilizes next year —in 1632. :)

I want to give a *huge* round of applause and thanks to the fantastic literary and crossover guests who joined us this year:

Guests of Honor
Emilie P. Bush
Dave Lee
Aleta Pardalis

Literary and “Crossover” Guests
Suzanne Adair
Chris Berman
Danny Birt
Clay & Susan Griffith
JM Lee
Jean-Michel Margot
Misty Massey
Marina Sergeyeva
Winfield Strock
Tanith Tyrr & Todd Stewart
Mark Van Name
Suzanne Warr
Allen Wold
Darcy Wold

I also want to give a “shout out” to Daughter, who worked hard as a “minion” all weekend, wherever she was needed. We got Fitbit bracelets right before the con, and she outpaced me every day. All through the weekend, staff stopped me in the hall to tell me what a great help she had been. That’s my girl.

Dogs in house:

Arcangelo Corelli - The Best Of Arcangelo Corelli Concerto Grosso, Op. 6

Time writing
Too long, and interrupted by cute animal pictures

June word count

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