Friday, June 20, 2014

Prompt: A tattoo artist, an abandoned hotel, a mysterious book, Part 1

“Danny? Where are you,” Sarah called as she climbed over the broken two-by-four angled across the front door of the old hotel. It seemed like the kind of place that should have cobwebs strewn across it and dust all over every surface, but as Sarah’s eyes adjusted to the dim light, she thought it looked like it had just closed yesterday.

“Danny,” she called again, a little less certainly. She knew he came here, almost every day. He said it inspired him somehow, and he certainly was drawing a lot of beautiful work lately. He said he was working hard, but she didn’t see the money coming in, and it worried her. Was something wrong? Was he in debt? Doing drugs? She didn’t think so, but….

So here she was. As she looked around the hotel lobby, a whisp of movement on the balcony caught her eye. Looking up the stairs, she saw the swish of a red skirt disappearing around the corner.

“Hello?” She started up the stairs. “I’m looking for Danny Stevens. Hello?”

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