Saturday, March 22, 2014

Prompt: Surprised by an avalanche, Part 2

Jake felt the water before the weight of the slab. He gagged on the biofilter, trying to get his breathing under control before his body expelled it. In the light of the flyer controls, he tried to assess the damage. The slab had pinned the flyer to the bottom of the river and shattered the shields. Jake floated in a pain-filled haze in the algae-filled water, and only the biofilters were keeping him safe from the toxins. His right arm was shredded, blood creating a red haze under the biofilter. He couldn’t move his legs. Great. The Commander was going to really give him hell about this.

Movement near the shattered shield caught his eye. Long-limbed crabs with broad pinchers were climbing through the shield, picking at the algae the flyer had carried into the depth. They crawled over Jakes legs, and he watched with helpless horror as they probed the biofilter. But they didn’t tear it away.

When they crawled up to his lap, and across the harness, he tried to wave them away with his left arm. They piled up and weighted it down, then probed again on his damaged right arm, from fingers to shoulder. As they moved, the pain in his arm subsided, and he realized with fresh horror that they were injecting something into him. Soon a wave of euphoria swept over him, and he rode it back into sleep…

Continued in Part 3...

I started this last summer, and wrote a few notes to continue the story. Moved to do so tonight, so let's see how poor Jake survives this...

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Houdini, Brindle

Time writing:
~30 minutes

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