Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Novel Update: Perfecting the Beginning, Returning to the End

I've mentioned my excitement to participate in the Magical Words workshop at ConGregate in Winston Salem this July. Three authors whom I respect and like are going to critique the 1st 2500 words of my manuscript.

Terror! What if they don't like it? What if they don't want to read more?!?

What if I haven't finished the damn book yet?

Tiny detail - they want the intro by mid-April.


So, I *swear* this is not end-avoidance! I *had* to return to the beginning to meet the deadline!

It's been exciting to revisit, revamp, and re-enthuse over the beginning of this story. Gosh, I hope some folks like it as much as I do! I hope I can do these character and their adventures justice.

I've also had a ton of ideas to include later in the story. And it's been interesting to see how much has changed as I wrote. Including the name of one important tree/fruit (good catch, Conni)!

I still need to work on my opening line. It's much better, but the story deserves a strong opening. The opening scene is *so* much better than it was. It needs a great lead in.

My small writing group has been invaluable in this process. They're merciless in their critiques, and I mean that in the best possible way. They help me to improve in almost every aspect of my writing. Sometimes, I confess to feeling a little defensive, or even disheartened. But when I question whether my writing is any good at all, I remind myself that these are smart, capable writers and editors. They wouldn't waste their time if they didn't think it was worthwhile. So, for those of you checking in, thank you!

Now I have to stitch together the 3 sections of the revised intro that I've shared with my writers group and give it one more soul-searching edit before sending it off to the workshop leaders.

I would love a couple of fresh viewpoints. If you have time in the next 2 weeks to read about 2500 words (about 10 pages), and you'd like to be one of my very first "beta" readers, please let me know!

And then, back to the ending! Armed with such fresh insight, I'm feeling invigorated about reaching the finish line.

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  1. You can do it!!

    I'd be happy to read a few chapters. I've been intrigued by the hints you've dropped about the plot.

    Sorry I've been so spotty here, but I've been trying to come back even if I get sidetracked a while.