Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prompt: A crow girl can’t fly with a broken wing

Raysha screamed out the final note as long as her voice held, fists raised high as the roar of the crowd washed over her. The sound swept through her body, and for a moment she could close her eyes and imagine it lifting her up into the air. A moment.

She dropped her arms, dropped the mike to the floor and walked off stage without a backward glance. The crowd’s applause and wild cheering meant nothing to her after that brief moment passed. Her spiked heels beat a rapidfire tattoo on the slick concrete floor as she raced for the privacy of her dressing room. Slamming the door and throwing herself on the worn couch, she threw her arms over her face, hiding her hot tears from the world.

The rush of wings heralded company. Raysha gulped and scrubbed at her eyes. Sitting up, she turned away from the two black crows sitting in the open window. They hopped into the room and jumped in the air, dissolving into smoke.

“Crow girls don’t cry,” Deerka sniffed, examining her black-painted nails and rocking backward on her silver-studded biker boots. Kaldie cackled until Deerka flicked her fingers at her in annoyance. Raysha wondered how they had ever been her best friends. She wondered how much longer they would stick around, and how she would survive without them. Her face must have given some of her thoughts away. Deerka’s face softened momentarily. “You’re still one of us, girl. Broken wings can heal.”

“Yeah,” Kaldie chimed in with a sharp grin.  

Raysha jumped up, tugging at her sleeve. She thrust her wrist toward them, the tattoo of a broken feather clearly visible. “How long?” she wailed. “Deerka, I can’t stand it any more! I want to fly!”

She dropped back onto the couch, sobbing.

Kaldie echoed Deerka’s earlier refrain, with a kinder tone. “Crow girls don’t cry…”

But Deerka hopped over to the couch and dropped next to Raysha, pulling her head onto her shoulder. She grabbed Raysha’s wrist and rubbed the tattoo. “Hang in there, girl. It will heal,” she encouraged Raysha with momentary kindness.

Raysha sniffed and gulped for air, swallowing the sobs. She relaxed against Deerka for a moment, then pulled away before either of them could tease her for such human weakness. She rubbed her nose with her sleeve as she jumped up, shaking her head into a disheveled halo.

“Wanna come out with me for the final song?” She asked with a mischievous grin. The two girls jumped up, clapping as they hopped behind her to the door.

In the concrete hall, the three girls linked arms and skipped toward the stage. Lights blinded them as they hopped up the steps, and they were hit with a wall of sound from the crowd.

I was listening to Mary Ann Harris' "Crow Girls" and had the sudden thought, "Oh my goodness Kei$ha is a crow girl!" Tell me it's not true...

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