Saturday, March 29, 2014

Prompt: Just another schoolnight babysitting gig

Have fun babysitting!

As the bus neared her stop, Ana fired off a text retort to her best friend Karen. She pulled the earbuds out of her ears, wrapping the wire around her finger and tucking them into her coat pocket. Parents liked to think their babysitter was paying attention, not glued to their phone.

She climbed down the bus steps and waved to the driver as the doors closed. He nodded, eyes on the car pushing past on his left. Ana looked up at the brownstones and found 415 three doors down. A tenant walked up the steps ahead of her, and for a moment she thought of following him in and going straight to the Jackson’s door. But she eyed the videocamera setup and decided to play by the book her first time over.

Mr. Jackson buzzed her in and met her at their door. He offered to take her coat, but she was still chilled from the ride. He led her into the living room, where Kyle was glued to the TV, playing a game. Mr. Jackson turned off the TV, and Kyle jumped up to protest, then stared at Ana. Shystruck, he hid behind his father’s legs.

Without hesitation, Ana sat cross-legged on the floor, facing the TV. “That looked like a cool game. Will you show it to me once your parents go?” Kyle peeked out and nodded with a grin.

Mr. Jackson ruffled his hair. “I’ve got to pull your mother away from the mirror, Kyle. Ana said she was thirsty. Think you can show her where the cups are?” He winked at Ana, and she stood up, holding out a hand. Kyle ran over and grabbed it, tugging her toward the kitchen. Mr. Jackson laughed. “Toby Richards was right. You’re the pied piper. He doesn’t usually come out of his shell that quickly.”

Ana shrugged and followed Kyle, leaving the Jacksons to finish getting ready to go.

Mrs. Jackson was very pretty. Ana squelched a stab of jealousy. She would never have luxurious hair like that. And how did she walk in those high heels, anyway? Ana would stick with her riding boots, thank you very much.

Pretty and friendly. She told Ana to make herself at home, help herself to anything in the fridge, and swung Kyle up for a hug and a kiss without fear of messing her perfect hair or makeup.

Ana assured them she was in no rush, hefting her backpack as she mentioned math homework. In a flurry, they were gone. Ana locked the heavy-duty triple deadbolt behind them and turned to Kyle with a smile. “Now, let’s play that game!”

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Houdini, Malachi, Brindle

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