Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prompt: With Energy I Create and Destroy

Thanks to Cristi Nastase for permission to use his beautiful “Colorful”!

Sryphia floated beyond the moon’s orbit, resting in the calm quiet before the sun’s rays found her. She lived, but didn’t breathe as others of her kind, didn’t eat or sleep. She thought she would like to dream. Perhaps this was her dream…

Out here, in dark stillness, the energy flowed out of her until she no longer felt its driving hum, pushing her to motion, to action. She could stay out here as long as she chose, of course, but when she stayed too long, she grew lonely.

Once she had stayed out too long and curled up so tightly into a ball, she feared she might become lifeless stone, an asteroid that might fall like a shooting star. It had taken a long time for the sun’s light to warm her through and through. And the energy had been so strong and hard to control...they renamed her the Destroyer before she left that world to find another home. And another. And another.

Each time, she found a fresh new world, a young place, full of life, full of energy. She wanted to believe she could fit in, be accepted, be loved. In this place, they called her Aurora and fell to their knees when she came down from the sky, flashing energy in a rainbow of colors. She helped them grow food, build cities, create art…

It always happens this way, until she stays too long, and the energy become too strong for her. Then it flashes out of control, wild and fierce, destroying something. Everything.

Sryphia retreats into the quiet, still darkness once more. Waiting. Will they let her return? Will she wait for a new generation that doesn’t remember? Or will she retreat farther and farther…until the energy of a new place calls to her, across the depths of space, and she will follow the call once more.

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Houdini, Brindle

Time writing:
~20 minutes

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