Saturday, August 3, 2013

Prompt: How to really annoy a unicorn

The stallion stamped his forelegs and snorted in irritation. His long white mane drifted across his neck, and his white tail flicked drops of morning dew up from the fresh spring grass. Tall and slender, his delicate form belied the power beneath the white sheen of his coat. He stamped his forelegs again in a sharp staccato beat against the ground.

The old lady ignored him, clipping herbs and trimming flowers in her garden, tucking them into the large flat basked she carried each morning. She gently nudged a family of young rabbits out of her way as she reached for the ripe lettuce, tearing off a leaf for each of them before dropping them into the basket.

“Bob,” she said firmly.

The stallion reared and thrashed his head from side to side, threatening to spear her with his long horn. She turned her back and snipped the rampant coneflower to brew the seeds for a calming tea.

Her basket filled, she looked around the meadow and spied a young goblin standing shyly under a rosemary bush, hat in hand.

“Come, my young friend. Is it time?” the old lady called in a friendly voice.

The goblin, struck shy, twisted his hat in his hand and ran to her side, almost throwing a bouquet of wildflowers into her basket.

“Why thank you, my young friend. Let’s see now,” she put her hand to her chin and studied him closely. “Yasuo. Yes, that’s it, absolutely.”

The goblin beamed, his sharp teeth sticking out at alarming angles. He bowed low to the old lady, and she nodded in reply. “Fare thee well, Yasuo. Greetings to your father and mother,” she barely finished before he bolted across the meadow and disappeared in the woods beyond.

The unicorn snorted and stamped one again. The old lady picked up her basket and carried it to the small cabin the nestled under a large oak at the edge of the meadow. She held on to the railing and climbed the two steps to the front door. Without turning, she sighed and said, “You can come again tomorrow. It will be the same as it has always been, Bob.”

She went inside before the unicorn could fully convey his displeasure with his name.

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