Monday, August 5, 2013

Prompt: Mist, Revolution, Sisters, Sunrise, Kingdom (use at least 3 of these)

Siria peered through the pre-dawn mist that pooled against the barren fields surrounding Masamaya. She couldn’t even see the city wall, although she was close enough to throw a rock and hit it. She ran her fingers over the tight braids Kimbray had woven through her hair, locking it tight against her head and into a thick rope that she had tucked under Siria’s back plate.

She looked behind her, but couldn’t see Kimbray either. She had refused to stay behind in relative safety, arming herself as well as Siria, fierce glare daring her mistress, her elder, her lover to try to keep her from the battle to come. Siria had merely watched in silence, then tightened the side lacings where they were hard for Kimbray to reach. They had trained together since they were children. She feared for Kimbray no more than any other of her proud warriors.

Dobren stood arm’s length to her left, Kartev to her right. Strongest of all her men, they would give their lives to keep her from harm. She refused to fear for them. She did not fear for herself. The oracle’s vision rested clearly in her mind’s eye. She would survive the battle. She would regain her father’s throne. She would not cry when she slid the blade into her sister’s heart.

Siria closed her eyes for a moment. Gailan! Gailan! Heart of my heart! How could you betray us so?

She took a deep breath and hot anger flared, burning away her momentary sorrow. Her sister had made her choices. Brought death and devastation to their home, their city, their lands. Seduced by dark magic, a demon lover… Siria shook her head. It didn’t matter. Gailan’s actions were her own.

Sunlight filtered through the thick mist. It was time. Siria lifted her arms wide and drew another deep breath. No anger, no sorrow could fill her now. Only purpose. The warrior’s heart. Her fingers twitched as she drew the sigils in her mind and began to blow out into the air around her. More breath than she could possibly have drawn in, and still she blew, pushing Gailan’s mist away, leaving the city wall bare.

Beside her, Dobren and Kartev roared their challenge. Every soldier on the field behind them took up the call. For a moment, Siria imagined the strength of their sound pushing against the city wall until it crumbled and fell. Sound was not enough, but she could help it along. Her fingers twitched and her eyelids fluttered as she began a new set of sigils.

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