Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prompt: This Stone Is Mirrored in Your Eyes

Continuing the theme I discovered with Los Dave’s marvelous Stone Dead Forever project. 
All my poetry may be written in stone from now on...
In your admiring gaze
I am the avalanche
roaring down the mountain
A force of nature
Fierce and magnificent

I am reflected in the depths of the Grand Canyon,
The rich hues of the Rocky Mountains
The lush greens of the Appalachians

Large as Mount Rushmore,
Detailed as the sorrowed brow
of Michaelangelo’s Pieta
Loved as smooth as Saint Peter’s toe

In your tender touch
Am I the river pebble you didn’t skip across the slow-moving water?
The polished lapis lazuli
Or tigers eye
Glinting under dust on your bookshelf?

Am I the chip of quartz you found
Hiking one summer day
Wading in the shallows
Kissing around a bend in the trail?

Am I the emerald locked in gray stone
Potential unmeasured
Waiting to be revealed

Dogs in house:
Houdini, Brindle
Time writing:
~20 minutes
April word count:

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