Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prompt: In my dreams

Thanks to Artur Rosa for permission to use his lovely “Carried by the Wind”!

In my sleeping dreams
I have power
But not very much

I fly
But not very high off the ground
I use the breaststroke to struggle higher
Maybe six feet
Maybe above the trees

I swim in a lake
Bordered by pool tiles
And a beach lined with snapping turtles
A shark swims underneath me
Keeping pace
I push it away
It returns
Again and again

I rescue lost children
Leaping down a mountain side
Holding their hands
The bad man chases
It feels like a pillow
When I push him away


In my waking dreams
I float above the water
I gaze at the brilliant blue sky
I imagine the moon, the stars
My future life

There’s nothing I can’t do

Dogs in house
Houdini, Brindle

Time writing:
20 minutes, interrupted

August word count:

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