Monday, January 13, 2014

Prompt: Modern Day Picasso

Hat tip to Jay Z for "Picasso Baby"

Crazy old Spaniard, tips with sketches?

Oh no, darling. I am an artist. An artiste. Okay, I may have left a doodle or two behind, but never without the flash of gold beside. My signature on a credit slip, I mean. I always carry a gold ink pen.

Really, Picasso is perhaps not the best analogy. Think Monet. You don’t know him? Oh, dear. They don’t teach the classics of art, anymore, do they? Water gardens? Givenchy? Really not ringing a bell?

Here, just a minute, let me pull this up. Okay you have a seat there, and I’ll sketch while you educate yourself. Tilt your head—like this. Nose up. Hmm…to the left. That’s it. Bellissimo, darling! You can read the tablet—just keep your arms below your shoulders. No, don’t move your head! Back as I had it. Thank you!

Yes, I always admired Monet. He was an eccentric, but brilliant. And he painted enormous canvasses to fit inside spaces created just for his works. Like we’re doing here on the station.

Oh yes, I enjoy the travel, no doubt. No, I don’t try to paint the stars—although I have seen comets and Saturn’s rings ablaze. I’ve painted storms on Jupiter and Neptune. Yes, I painted the dust murals on Mars. Oh yes, that was quite an adventure. No, they won’t let anyone go out anymore, not after the Hilden tragedy. Yes, I created that memorial, too. I haven’t been back to Mars since. Hmm? No, no my dear lady, I don’t think I will.

Yes, rest the tablet in your lap, but please keep your head where it is a little longer. I know I did, but the photos don’t capture everything the eye sees. Patience, my dear, we are almost done…

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  1. That was a nice twist. At the beginning, I didn't see that you'd set this in the far future and you worked it in there really well.

  2. Thanks, Ken. I like playing with setting, but I wonder sometimes how well things like that work. I appreciate your feedback!