Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prompt: Waiting is hard on the one left behind

July 4th, 1986

It’s been five years since we laughed all the way home from the Half Shell after the fireworks faded, and you hummed the symphony’s patriotic tunes and danced me all the way up Comm Ave. I can still close my eyes and feel your skin against mine that night. Every night. You used to promise me, “This will never get old.”

Five years, and the tears are never far behind thoughts of you. I miss you so. I walk down the Esplanade to the Half Shell and listen to the Pops and watch the fireworks like I do every year. I scan the crowd, hoping one day my eyes will rest on your face. I walk back up Comm Ave, humming and dancing a little two-step until someone tries to grab my hands and dance with me.

The tears fall as soon as I lock the door behind me. I curl up on the windowseat and watch the late night rain begin to fall. Clouds hide the moon and the stars. I wish anyway. I wish I could see you one more time. Will you ever come back to me? Will you ever find your way home?

I dream of you. Sometimes dreams of our past. Sometimes I hear your voice from far away—from the end of the world. There’s a dark tunnel that grinds inky blackness between us. I think if I could reach out my hand, push through it, I would find you on the other side. I call and call, but you never reply. Do you hear me? Do you know I still love you?

Night fades to day, and the clouds close in. No sunshine to turn our cobbled street to summer gold. Water streams in a thousand rivers past my door, and I remember when you used to swing my hand in yours and splash water like the boy you always were at heart. I dreamed we might have a son someday…

There are so many things I’d like to tell you. I think of you every day. People say I should forget about you and move on. I am moving on, but I won’t move away from you, the hope of you, the dreams we had. Between my politics and your inventions, we were going to change the world. Whatever I do, you’ll still be beside me in my heart.

I’ll never give up hope that one day you’ll be with me again. Until then, I’ll hold on tight to my dreams.
Note: If you're an ELO fan, you might recognize the references here to their concept album Time...

TBC, perhaps...

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