Monday, July 1, 2013

Prompt: ConTemporal, Day 3

Put the pedal to the metal today and have confidence in all your actions, Cancer. There's a great deal of power in your words. There's a tremendous amount of information that needs to be exchanged, and you're at the hub of this activity. What you learn may be transformative. Actively participate in the conversation.

Someone suggested jokingly that I should look at my horoscope and relate it to my experiences this weekend. I have found the past few days’ worth of horoscope readings to be uncannily accurate or insightful. This is no exception.

Daughter and her friend came over to enjoy running around and seeing everything Saturday afternoon and evening while I hung out at the Port Authority (aka “Registration”) with my fantastic staff and volunteers. I treated the girls to a late-night room service snack while they settled in with Despicable Me. Turns out there was a room party of my friends two doors down, so I tucked in the girls and hung out chatting for a couple of hours. I did not neglect my blog – I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my “perfect record” of daily entries! Needless to say, I did not get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. But, when do I ever?

Sunday saw slow business in the Port Authority. Fortunately, we were well-positioned to enjoy a lot of people- and costume-watching! I also didn’t feel guilty about leaving my team for the follow-up session of the writers’ workshop. Once again, it was great to hear the other stories, and especially to see the sometimes significant improvements from the 1st draft to the next.

So, how does this relate to my horoscope? Well, I am all about networking and sharing information. For instance, in the workshop, I encouraged the local writers to check out the Durham Writers Group and others on I also shared the talented LeeMoyer’s Small Gods project, and I have to follow up on my promise to get info to one participant on an erotica publisher I happened to meet at another con. Who’dve thunk that would be a contact I would find useful? You just never know…

Also, I spent a lot of the day talking with various staff and volunteers – and a few guests and attendees – about how the Port Authority can run more smoothly in 2014. Yes, I think I volunteered to continue to do it again. But, I am trying to build a triumvirate to rule the PA, building on each of our different strengths. This is a conversation I plan to continue, whatever my ultimate role, because I think I can be helpful in improving the con experience for everyone next year. That’s the value I see in sharing information. That’s one aspect of the power of my words.

Another aspect of the power of my words is how excited I am about the new character and story idea that came to me during the workshop. She’s a kickass heroine, and frankly, I don’t have a clue how to tell her story or even what her story is yet. That intimidates me almost as much as it excites me. I am hoping she’ll come sit in my car and tell me her story. Maybe I should take up cab driving. That’s how most of my best ideas come to me, it seems!

So, today I took ownership, built relations for the future, shared information on con-running and writing, and started a new story. Not bad for a Sleepy Sunday. And it’s all in my horoscope.

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