Friday, January 3, 2014

Prompt: tourist, pregnant, member of the wedding, gun

Note: First post using another Christmas gift, The Storymatic prompt-generating card collection.

Stefanie cut open the heavy envelope and slid out the thick invitation package. Trust Nikky to go all out. When she’d Skype’d Stef to ask her to be a bridesmaid in her "destination wedding", Stef’s heart had sunk. No way could she afford to go to the moon.

“No, no, honey. Don’t worry about it. Daddy’s got us all covered. You, me, and Ginny. I told him I couldn’t get married without you guys. He’s such a grump. He asked if you were going on the honeymoon, too! I told him no, cause he was paying for you all to stay there for another week. I know how much you could use a vacation.”

Stef had dropped into her chair in shock. Three tickets to the moon might be like a movie outing for Nikky’s father, but she knew what a fortune it was in the real world.

“Darling, I can’t!”

Nikky waved her hand, brushing aside Stef’s objection. “Honey, please. It’s the last time it will just be the three of us. Please?”

Stef never could resist Nikki. No one could. And now here she was, in the courtyard lobby of the Marriott Tranquillitatis, gazing spellbound up at the clear dome and the view of Earth.

“They’re self-sealing.”

Stef startled, looking at the woman who had appeared beside her, gazing up. She threw her arms around the newcomer.

“Ginny! Oh my gosh! Can you believe this? Self-sealing?”

Ginny leaned into her side and they both looked up again. “Yeah, Bryant was telling me all about before I left.”

“How’s my favorite godson?”

“Jealous. He explained how all the windows have a liquid center that makes them self-sealing in case of a breach. He was trying to make me feel better about coming here.”

Stef glanced down, then grabbed Ginny’s arms. “Is that a—”

“Baby bump.” Ginny blushed. “Yes. Yes it is. Figured I’d surprise you and Nikki up here. This will be my last travel for awhile.”

Stef hugged her again, and they linked arms, heading for the café. They were just getting seated when the shot rang out, and the loud crack of glass sounded throughout the dome.

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Houdini, Maize, Malachi

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20 minutes, interrupted

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