Friday, January 10, 2014

Prompt: Searching for neutral ground

Thanks to one of my favorite artists, Artur Rosa, for permission to use his lovely, "Archipelago 27"!

Makim stood motionless in the shelter of the trees and watched the figure walking along the shore. If she hadn’t recognized her mother’s form the moment she appeared, Makim would have fired a warning shot by now.

As it was, she kept a vigilant watch in case any others from the Archipelago appeared. There was no one else she would hesitate to shoot, including her mother’s mate. Makim refused to call him father.

Makim was on sentry, for the Exiles never knew when the Archipelago might send troops to sweep the forest. A guard stood watch on each port entry along the twenty-mile shoreline, and a sentry leader held central position to relay alarms from any one. Makim’s shift was two days gone, three to go. Mostly it was boring and tedious, watching flocks of fist-sized black-winged pleekots fly across the cloudless sky.

Her camoshield jumpsuit rippled colors tight across her skin, reflecting the forest behind her, the ocean before her, and the silver sheen of the two moons above. She gripped her forearms, taking comfort in the slender blades resting under the camo fabric. Her long dark hair swung loose, hiding her face as the chill north shore breeze swept past.

Makim looked out at the luxurious mansions that framed the closest island fortresses of the Archipelago. Some looked like mirrored rings around the steep, impregnable slopes of the tiny islands that thrust like bullets out of the ocean. Some rested on top, perfectly balanced no matter the fierce winds that swept across the water. Makim grew up looking inland, dreaming of the ultimate luxury -- freedom.

Looking down, she saw her mother had crossed the sand and was struggling to climb the rocky dunes. Narrowing her eyes, she turned again and studied the shoreline and forest, searching for any other guards who might sound the alarm. They would shoot first and ask questions later. But Makim had a question that burned in her chest day and night. She left the trees’ shelter and headed toward the steep dune. Finally she would have the chance to ask her mother.


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  1. AHHH....Why what?

    You snagged me pretty early on with this one :)

    1. Thanks, Ken! :) I might return to this one - I liked it too.