Monday, January 27, 2014

Prompt: Artist, Liar, Missing Child, The Quest Continues, Part 1

Bahnrel stood in the shade of a courtyard parasol and watched Diehlen move from stall to stall. She couldn’t help attracting attention, a tall, blond woman in rainbow-hued chainmail under a penitent’s robe. Her calm demeanor hid a fiery temper and fierce warrior, he knew from their travels together over the past few months.

They had met in a crossroad tavern, where a few louts exercised very poor judgment with regard to Diehlen. Bahnrel had been reaching for his staff to assist, then simply leaned on it as he watched her plow throw the crowd with brutal efficiency. When the seven men lay knocked out or moaning at her feet, he had bowed and offered to buy her a round…at the next tavern.

They had traveled together since that night, though in truth Bahnrel knew little more about her than she had told him that first night. She searched for her child, stolen from her by the pip’s father. She had vowed service to Sweet Madra in return for the goddess’ aide, which is why she wore the penitent’s robe. She had proven again and again why she wore the chainmail. Trouble seemed drawn to her like moths to the flame.

Speaking of trouble, Bahnrel started forward. Diehlen had been talking to a potter, and the man began pointing at her and shouting. Four bazaar guards moved in behind her, and Diehlen had grabbed the potter’s arm in a blocking lock Bahnrel recognized from their regular sparring. He struggled to understand the potter’s dialect. “She’s dangerous! She seeks the Fenzar’s child!”

“No,” cried Diehlen. “She is my child, borne of my body. Your Fenzar took her from me by force.”

Bahnrel didn’t hesitate, striking the guard closest to him on the back of the head, and swinging his staff around to knock the next to the ground. Diehlen pulled hard on the potter’s arm, and he cried out, dropping to his knees and cradling his broken elbow. She kicked one of the remaining guards square in the chest, but the fourth stabbed at her with his long-handled pike.

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  1. Writing report:
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    (also missed an identical report from a few days ago. Going slow!)

  2. Oo, glad it will be continued! Feels like it took a little while to get going. I hadn't expected the child to appear so soon, as I figured it was more background than immediate plot. But definitely intriguing!

    1. Thanks, Anne. Interested to hear what you think about the 2nd half. This could be a fun story to spend a little more time on...