Saturday, January 25, 2014

Prompt: Finding balance

The king leaned against the balcony as he watched his girls in the courtyard. They sat facing away from each other, about ten feet apart. Kellya’s fiery red hair waved in the heat surrounding her. Daphne’s blond hair fell in smooth waves that sparkled in the icy air surrounding her. The mage’s runes slowed along their arms as each girl chanted. He could see the air swirling between them, heat and cold. The runes glowed brighter, and the girls trembled with concentration.

It had killed their mother, bearing their extremes inside her petite body. She had refused to consider any alternative, even when the king begged her to let the midwives draw the babes out early. She died with her hair aflame, ice crystals shining against her skin.

The king had wanted to destroy the babes in his grief and fury. The midwives prevented him and kept the newborns safe, once they understood the two had to be kept together at all times. They slept with arms wrapped around each other, were always touching when awake. The king refused to see them until the mage came.

The mage dreamed the runes and knew the girls could learn to control their elements. He lay before the king and begged him to accept his service. The midwives whispered to the king, promises of children he could touch, raise, teach to rule. The king refused them all, but he did not prevent the mage from his work.

He watched from a distance, stone-faced as the runes etched deep into each girl’s arms. Kellya’s tears burned down her face, and Daphne’s dropped like diamond crystals on the floor at her feet. He watched from a distance as the mage began to teach the girls control while they held tight to each other. While they sat back to back. While they moved farther and farther apart.

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  1. Cool Idea Margaret. Wasn't sure if it was intentional, but I got a very slightly sinister undercurrent from the mage...

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ken, and for your comments (as always!). Good to know - that wasn't entirely (consciously) intentional...I'm not sure where I might go with this one, but it does seem to have some potential...