Saturday, December 7, 2013

Prompt: I am lost without it, Part 1

Thanks to Bunny Tuan for permission to use her hauntingly beautiful "sound horizon moria"!

Karinna rode her horse at a canter, leaving the city park and racing across the sand to the ocean shore. The sun was setting behind the thick clouds. She could already feel the air turning colder. She didn’t have much time.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw the green of the park and the city skyline, just as Mauréd had described. She spied the two tallest towers and the third to the side – there! “The trio will guide you within their reach,” he had whispered, breath and energy fading as she cradled him in her arms.

She guided the horse on that path, looking back to check the towers, then ahead to the gentle waves washing over the white sand. When they reached the edge of the water, the horse whinnied and balked, backing up and rearing his head, trying to evade the bit or reins.

“I don’t have time for this!” She cried and vaulted down, slapping the horse’s neck in frustration. He danced away from the water but kept pace as she ran ahead, splashing icy drops up onto Mauréd’s red cloak over her thin shift. “I don’t have time,” she gasped, clutching her side and breathing into her other hand to warm the breath burning in her chest.

The red wedding dye remaining in her white hair fell in long spirals, covering her face – a brief respite from the wind. She pulled it away as she stared desperately into the water, searching for the hold Mauréd had promised she would find. A bronze curve glinted under the waves, and she ran to it, dropping to her knees and plunging her hands through the water into the sand below. Her lungs were on fire, while tears froze on her cheeks as she scrabbled the sand for purchase on the ring. Her fingers closed stiffly around it.

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Houdini, Brindle

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~45 minutes, interrupted

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