Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Prompt: The godmothers’ boon, Part 2

Thanks to Yan Nam Ko for permission to use his beautiful image, “Godmother Room”!

…Continued from Part 1

Wildap slid his arm around my waist and squeezed. His lips twitched. He knew me so well. “Thank you,” he said simply. “We’re ready.”

The acolyte turned and swept her white robes close as she led us through the slender marble arches into the dim sanctuary. It was smaller than I had imagined, circular, with floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows surrounding the godmothers on their dais at the back of the room. The five godmothers held their poses in stone so perfectly carved, you could imagine any one would smile or wave her wand at any moment. Each dressed in formal robes of a different time, no one knew when they had arrived, or from where they had come. I had grown up with godmother stories, and I recognized each one immediately, even though this was my first time to the sanctuary since my parents had brought me as a babe.

Ferns and impatiens lined the room, and a pair of large urn fountains in front of the dais sounded soothing, gentle cascades of water over their rims. Torches held small yellow votives that flickered dimly, flaring to brightness as we approached. Clarene squealed with delight, and I thought I saw the acolyte flinch, but she did not hesitate as we neared the wishing bowl.

I stubbed my toe and stumbled for a step, Wildap holding me steady. I was surprised, looking down, to see the cobblestone floor. Everything else was in such neat repair, the cracks and moss covering the floor seemed out of place.

The wooden bowl was carved out of the same tree as its stand, a work of beauty. I had been held over it, as my mother and her mother. Our gifts weren’t riches, but we were blessed indeed. And now Clarene. I hoped the godmothers would be as generous to her.

I held her over the wishing bowl, and Wildap poured the water over her brow. Clarene laughed, a high, cheery sound I’d never heard from her. Suddenly, her laugh was magnified by another, deeper. Then another, and another. The godmothers…

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