Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prompt: Bound to grow

I don’t remember sleeping in my seedpod. My earliest memory is darkness, pushing out. Up. Always up. In such deep dark pressure, I never knew how I knew. I just reached.

I remember the moment I felt…different. Open. I pushed so hard, I thought I would burst into a pool of jelly in the dark. I could not wait to get out. I think I grew three leaf-lengths in that one day. It was worth the effort. I saw light for the first time. And a sunset. I didn’t know such glorious color existed in all the world. Will I share it one day? Will my blooms rival the colors in the sky?

Free of the dark soil, I grew so fast. Too fast. My stem was still slender. Fragile. I fell. I still grew, coiled on the ground I yearned to escape, to rise above. I reached for the sky with every leaf.

One day she came. The girl. She was so happy to see me, and others growing here. She clapped her hands and praised us. I thought she loved us. Then she tortured us.

She picked me up by tender leaves and pulled me straight, then wrapped me around a string. Green ties wrapped tight around my stem, keeping me in place. I couldn’t move, couldn’t stretch, couldn’t hold my top leaves up to see the sky. Oh, the sky. Rain drops fell. I thought this is what crying must be like.

Bound. How could I move? Grow? But I did. I felt my stem grow thicker and stronger. I inched along the spiral she wrapped me around the string. She came almost every day and tugged us, tucked us, praised us. I thrived...

Dogs in house
Houdini, Brindle

Holiday mix

Time writing
20 minutes

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  1. Prompt: Bound to grow

    Hamish patted the soil and stood up. “It’s bound to grow this time.”

    Phoebe stuck her thumb in her mouth and nodded amiably. It was easy to please a one-year-old, which was good, because if Phoebe got upset, Mum would come out and Hamish wouldn’t be able to plant any other toys.

    “We’ve got nine more to go,” he told Phoebe. “Ten minus one is nine. Did you know that?”

    “Bab!” said Phoebe.

    Hamish took it to mean ‘no’. “I know that because I’m a big boy.”

    “Bab!” Phoebe stuck her thumb back in her mouth.

    Hamish knelt and dug another hole. He dropped a small green dinosaur at the bottom, sprinkled Magico-Grow on top of it, and pushed soil back in. Phoebe helped him with the next planting, dropping a yellow ball into the hole he dug. He dug an extra-big hole next, for the radio-controlled car.

    “Hamish! Phoebe! Dinner’s ready!”

    It was Mum. Hamish quick shoved the car and six other toys in his last hole. He dumped the whole box of Magico-Grow on top. It would have to do.

    Time writing: ~15min

    1. Ha ha! I don't see anything wrong with *that* plan! Nice kidlet interaction, and interesting potential for the success of Hamish's planting!