Sunday, December 8, 2013

Prompt: I am lost without it, Part 2

Thanks to Bunny Tuan for permission to use her hauntingly beautiful "sound horizon moria"!

She pulled. Nothing happened. She could not lift it through the sand and waves. She leaned forward, slapping the water with her hands, sobbing. “Mauréd, no! Without it, I am lost!”

A rope tapped against her shoulder, and she screamed, almost falling backward as she whirled around to see who was there. A young boy, maybe ten, stood holding a rope out to her. She followed its length and saw the boy had tied the other end to her horse’s saddle ring. She clasped his hands between her own, gently drawing the rope from him.

“Clever boy. I didn’t think of that.” She gave him a trembling smile, then bent her head and reached down to tie the rope through the bronze ring. Standing, she reached out for the boy’s hand. She saw no one else nearby. Where did he come from? No matter. Right now, he was her savior. Mauréd’s savior, perhaps, if she could get back to him in time.

“Come, my horse doesn’t want to get in the water. Let’s encourage him to go away from it,” she smiled, stronger now. The boy grinned as they reached the horse, still whinnying his distress and rolling his eyes wide in fear. Fearless, the boy reached up and grabbed his bridle, murmuring nonsense, as far as Karinna could tell.

“Come on now, let’s pull!” They urged the horse to back away, tightening the rope until she feared it would break. The horse strained, and she and the boy both pushed against its shoulder as if they could help. Slowly, slowly, he took a step back, then another, and another.

Karinna turned and stared. The bronze ring was rising, pulling a large chest out of the sucking sand and splashing waves. Mauréd might be saved after all…

Dogs in house
Houdini, Brindle

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