Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt: Let no profanity pass my lips

Thanks to Matthew Dellar’s 200 Fantasy Writing Prompts! The full prompt, for those inclined, is
A religion or race that considers speaking profane and thinks mouths are only there for eating."

Milden had waited across the river until after the sleeping bell had tolled, then ridden the ferry across and settled in the meditation chamber for a night of blissful silence. It was hours before the ringing of voices finally faded from his ears and he thought he would not flinch to see mouths open to eat breakfast in the morning.

In the pre-dawn light, he walked out to the mandala garden to sign welcome to the rising sun. Standing tall, with his legs braced wide, he began the full signs of morning prayer. Each stroke of his arm and bend of his spine released the last of the tension he had held during his ministry out there. In the talking world.

He shuddered at the thought, and started at the hand on his shoulder. Turning, his eyes widened in gladness to see Brother Tomas. Tomas gestured to the sun, and Milden bowed and signed joining, bringing his thumbs and forefingers together in linked loops. They stood side by side and completed the morning prayer.

Tomas handed him a small towel when they were done, and he accepted it with two eyebrow lifts in thanks. Wiping their faces as they walked toward the refectory, Tomas signed, Welcome home.

Many thanks, brother. It is good to be home. More than you know.

I do know. I have been out there before.

Milden lifted his palms in surprise. Tomas shrugged. Who ever wants to discuss such things? It was a long time ago. But, it can be hard to leave behind. If you do want to discuss any of it…

Milden bowed a deeper thanks. I hope to leave it all behind from this sunrise. But if not, I will come to you, brother.

Tomas paused before they reached the refectory door. With one warm hand on Milden’s shoulder, he signed with the other. Are you ready? Open mouths and pure silence. Only food shall pass these lips.

Milden pressed his fingers to his lips and drew his hands wide open. Blessed silence. Let no profanity pass these lips again.

It was as close to a confession as he would ever make.

Tomas pulled Milden closer and leaned forward to kiss his brow. It was as close to forgiveness as he could ever hope to receive.

Side by side, they went through the broad double doors to join their brothers in a blissfully silent rising repast.

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  1. Prompt: Let no profanity pass my lips

    Jomania lunged for the pile of falling books, but it was too late. They tumbled from her arms and spewed themselves across the path, directly in front of the horribly handsome trainee mage coming the other way.

    “Here, let me help you with that,” he said, kneeling and stacking two books.

    She opened her mouth, a _Thank you_ on the tip of her tongue, then clamped her lips shut. How easy it was to slip! She had been silent all of forty minutes, and just ten minutes ago had been thinking how pleasant it was that no one else in her year was speaking either. She smiled and nodded.

    He continued stacking books. “Ah, Pflueger’s Plants. His drawings are good, but Williard has better textual descriptions. A good herbologist has both. I see you have other herb texts. Is that your bent?”

    She shrugged. She did like plants, but she was really just dealing with the one paper right now. Who knew what mage-path she would take in five years’ time.

    “Oh, first-year, eh?”

    She blushed. He must have mistaken her for someone older.

    Time writing: 15 minutes

    1. Very nice! Great world-building. I'd love to read more of this one...