Friday, November 15, 2013

Prompt: Trash Men

Aiden heard the strangled gasp behind him. None of the whelps could see him, so he rolled his eyes up, asking for patience, before he turned around. “Aye, an’ what’s that then?” he asked the boy behind him.

“I…I’ve run out! I’m sorry, Aiden, I was being careful, I swear I was, but—”

“Well, Brey with an e and not like a donkey…”

One of the other boys laughed, and Aiden shot him a sidelong look. He shut up and clenched his bag, suddenly very interested in the trash at his feet.

“Well, Brey,” he continued, “that’s why fractions and rations are so important. You think I make you school for nothing? This is where you need to know.” He pitched his voice to carry to the other boys. “I told you all before I left. Six blocks, twenty steps each side. So how do you know how much to carry?”

Brey shifted from one foot to the other and looked at the other boys for help. A couple were counting on their fingers or scratching their heads. Aidan knew they’d never be masters. Only young Ian on the far edge of the circle was jumping up and down with excitement. Aidan knew he had it; he just liked to torment the boy a bit.

Before he pointed to Ian, though, Brey’s face lit up. He’d got it. Well, how 'bout that. Aidan nodded approval and held out his bag. Brey reached in and grabbed a double fistful, pushing it into his own bag.

“All right, everyone on the go then?” Aidan turned and whistled, pulling a sodden coffee cup out of his bag and tossing it on the ground.

“You wants to be a trash man, you got to learn more than throwing trash on the ground, boys.”

Softer, to Bley, he said, “Well done, lad. Well done.”
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