Saturday, November 16, 2013

Prompt: Dream eater

The dreams call her into the night. Some only a flicker of energy, other surge, strong and wild, pulling her like a moth to a flame. She fades in from elsewhere, emptiness, and feels the cool rush of night air, blinks against the brightness of streetlights, cars, buildings. The dreams draw her closer.

A child, a young boy, dreams of toys, playing with friends, eating cake and treats – happy thoughts. She passes by, a whisper of cold that makes him tremble with a sudden chill and pull his blanket up to his chin.

An old man, dreaming of life that was. His wife, long dead, grown thin and then bloated with cancer and chemicals. She pauses, the energy tempting. Her face flickers in and out, glimpsed through the pulsing light of the old man’s dreams. His memory goes deeper, his wife younger, holding their infant son. Happier times. She opens her bare teeth in a soft snarl and moves on.

A couple, nestled together. He dreams of fishing with his friends, floating in a boat on the open water, drinking beer and wrestling a writhing rod, slowly reeling in the fish he’s caught. But the woman, the woman dreams are dark and endless. She moves restlessly, twisting her head away, fingers twitching on the tangled sheet, foot kicking feebly.

She floats nearer, waving her hands over the bed, drawing the dream energy up where she can smell it, taste it through her open nose and mouth. The energy flows like smoke from the woman, tangles with the man’s. His dream turns darker. Sharks, thunderstorms, crashing waves.

The dreams curl up over the bed, the couple trashing now, trying to escape. She hovers over them, drawing in the energy, her mouth open, teeth gaping wide.

The woman awakens. Screams. The man bolts upright, turns on the light. Hugs the woman to him as she sobs. Looks around the room with shivers still running down his back. There’s nothing there. Noone. He lies back, pulls the woman with him. She stays his hand against the light. “Leave it on,” she whispers.

Dogs in house

Time writing:
~15 minutes

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