Monday, November 18, 2013

Prompt: Fantasy TV: Vice and Virtue Personified: The Charity Episode

 The Web

Thanks to one of my favorite artists, Artur Rosa for permission to use his beautiful “The Web”!
And a hat tip to Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman" :)

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back for the finale of our show tonight here on Vice and Virtue Personified. Tonight we’ve seen Charity weaving through the Ribbon Dance, and hasn’t she been magnificent!


Narrator: But things took a turn before our last sponsor break, and as you can see, Charity seems to be, well, what do our panelists think? Adam Venile…


Narrator: Dame Judy Mensch…


Narrator: And Maya Angelami..


Adam Venile: I would say that Charity has been Grace personified, except we’ve already seen Grace on the show.


Adam Venile: Charity was weaving so many of those red silk ribbons around the stage in such complicated patterns, I thought the tattoos on my body had come to life and were dancing around her.


Adam Venile: She’s such a delicate, tasty little morsel, wrapped up like that. I can hardly resist taking a bite…


Dame Judy Mensch: I’d be careful, if I were you, Adam. Charity’s personification exhibits Grace, Strength, and Beauty of form and spirit. You shouldn’t make the classic white metrosexual male assumption that those things infer weakness. Step too close to those ribbons, and you may find yourself hobbled and hogtied!


Maya Angelami: Dame Judy, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s there in the arch of her back, the ride of her breasts, the grace of her style. Charity is a Phenomenal Woman.


Don’t be fooled by the curl of her hands, or the drape of her head. There’s life in her yet, and Charity is often strongest when her movements are so small, they are invisible to the outer eye. It’s the Love she gives to herself, the Permission to rest and gather her Strength. Her Courage won’t be bound by those ribbons, and she will forever be free.


Narrator (over applause): Ladies and gentlemen, that’s all we have time for on our show tonight here on Vice and Virtue Personified. Join us next week to find out if Charity can escape the ties that have bound her. And we’ll meet our next Personification of Vice: Pride. Be sure to tune in for more Vice and Virtue Personified. You can also check out videos of tonight’s performance and more on our website, Thanks to our sponsors….

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  1. Prompt: Fantasy TV: Vice and Virtue Personified: The Charity Episode

    “You ready?” I whispered.

    Mariellen nodded. She was always silent before a performance. I couldn’t keep from chattering. The semi-celebs watching us didn’t help, either, ratcheting my nerves up another notch. I fingered my ribbons again, making sure they were wrapped just as I desired.

    The opening bars of the theme song started and our ribbons tightened. Mariellen and I rose together, seemingly tangled, but every wrap of the ribbon was designed. I was vice tonight, and Mariellen virtue; we swapped roles to keep our skills flexible. Dancing the opening credits of a game show wasn’t exactly my dream, but it was a job. And I was dancing doing it, too. Better than some of the starry-eyed girls in my childhood dance troop could say now.

    “Tonight on Vice and Virtue Personified,” said the announcer, “we’re joined by Miss Beauty, daughter of the famous Sleeping, and Ralph, Assistant Head Elf in Santa’s workshop. They’ll face off today for charity; the winner will donate...”

    I let the words flow past me as I concentrated on my dance. Over, under, spin. I flung out a loose end of ribbon behind me, for Mariellen to catch. I leaned forward on it, and fell, abruptly, to a secondary ribbon. I looked behind me. Mariellen wasn’t there.

    Time writing: ~25 min

  2. Wow, that was a hard one! And I see I took "charity" to mean something completely different than you.