Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prompt: What makes you different might make you special

Thanks to Alexandra Semushina for permission to use her beautiful artwork, "Jara"!

Jara fled down the grand mall and slid into the side hallway that led to her sanctuary. She pushed the heavy door shut behind her and slapped her feet against it in frustration. She flung her arms across her face and floated in the water, allowing her wrasses to swim out as her long red hair swirled around her body.

Having lived with her since they were small fry, the little red and orange fish were sensitive to her moods as well as her physical condition. They swam close to her skin, brushing their fins and tails against her in comfort. A couple swam around her face and sipped the tears from the corners of her eyes. She touched each with a finger in gratitude.

You don’t despise me,” she whispered. “I wish they could see me as you do.” She shook her head fiercely. “It doesn’t matter. They’re wrong. I can keep up with the rescue squad, and I know as much as they do about the two-legs.” She glanced down her body. “More,” she breathed, her heart aching.

She swam over to the window wall cabinets and pulled out the fins grouchy old Maveny had made especially for her. The soft leather slid over her splayed, webbed feet and spindly, split legs as she pulled it up to her waist. The gold mesh wrapped around and secured the leather against her slender waist.

Her neck gills flared in satisfaction as she swept the fins back and forth and propelled herself in a single powerful stroke across the room. The wrasse tucked back in her hair, sensing they could be left behind. Jara laughed. “Let’s show them I can do more than tend museum pieces, little ones!”

Buzzing with newfound confidence, Jara pulled open the door and swam out to join the rescue team. She was determined that today she would join the rescue team and save another two-legs, even if they would never be like her either.
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Houdini, Brindle
Spanish guitar
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