Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prompt: Mercy, Light, Song, Amber, Bound (use at least 3 of these)

Mangina lifted the collar around her neck and dried her sticky skin with her ragged scarf. She tucked the scarf underneath to try to give her neck some relief from the heavy gold. It makes no difference what it’s made of, she thought bitterly. She still was not free.

Sipping water from a copper ladle as she sat cross-legged on the marble floor, she laid the amber stones in yet another pattern around her. Closing her eyes, she listened for their song and began to hum. She felt the power vibrate through her body, rattling the amber pieces on the floor. Opening her eyes, she saw beams of light shooting out in all directions from the stones. If only she could modulate their song and focus the light, she would finally be free. But every time she tried to change the song, the light scattered and the stones fell silent. Mangina wept.

A toneless voice from the shadowed corner said, “Your tears are wasted. Sing. Again.”

Mangina sobbed. “I cannot! Oh please, let me go! Let me walk outside in the sun. Let me see my family. I promise, I will try again. Please, I am so very tired—”

The voice, unmoved, said only, “Sing. Again.”

Mangina leaned forward until her forehead rested on the cold marble. Swallowing her tears, she sighed with deep, trembling breaths. Finally she sat up once more and gathered the amber, laying them out in a new pattern. She closed her eyes once more and began to hum.

After awhile, the voice said once more, “Sing. Again.”

Mangina chokes back her sobs of despair. There was no mercy here. She scooped up the amber and tossed them in a sweeping gesture across the floor, uncaring how they fell. Past caring, she closed her eyes and hummed with the new amber song. Fueled by her anger and frustration, she added her own harmony to the song. And felt the power shift. Not daring to open her eyes, she built the harmony in her mind, complex weavings of all her fear, anger, longing, loss. As she sang, she saw her family, her home in a vision that grew so large and real, she opened her eyes to find herself floating in midair, surrounded by a rainbow curtain of light.

The voice whispered, “Yes….”

Dogs in house:
Houdini, Bacon, Brindle

Jesse Cook, Free Fall

Time writing:
20 minutes

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