Saturday, July 6, 2013

Prompt: The mist flows like a river over the ground

Serrin sat in the bow, lightly holding her staff in the water to feel the water’s depth as they silently moved upstream. The pre-dawn light barely filtered through the eerie mist that flowed down the banks and pooled on the river. She looked back at Kel Jennis and shivered at the sight of his wide milky eyes. He turned toward her with uncanny precision.

“Fra Serrin.” His voice wasn’t a whisper so much as a ghost on the breeze. “We are close. The sentry must not give an alarm.”

Serrin nodded, then whispered a simple “Yes.” She knew her role on this expedition. Men never liked dealing death. She looked past Kel Jennis to Kel Barik and Fra Nessa. It would be up to her and Fra Nessa to clear their way. Nessa caught her eye and crossed her gauntlets in warning. Serrin nodded. The mist was problematic, hiding their approach, but hiding their quarry equally well. She crossed her own gauntlets and turned back to the shore.

Serrin’s staff jerked as it slid into the sandy bottom. She pulled it up and rested it across her knees as she gathered a small wind to blow the mist in soft eddies up the bank, allowing them to see their approach. But no sentry. Serrin’s neck prickled with unease. She looked back, hoping to see Kel Jennis causing her alarm. He sat motionless, staring ahead of her.

The bottom of their boat slid further against the sand, and Kel Barik quietly slipped into the water to pull them ashore. He grinned as he held out a hand to Serrin. She rolled her eyes, but took it anyway, leaping past him onto the sloping shore. They had been paired often enough for him to know that Serrin needed little help. She would have to remind him of that next time.

She led them through the mist, up the bank to the broad grassy path that led to the town wall. The mist eddied around them, fine as air, but still too thick to see their feet on the ground. The prickling ran from Serrin’s neck down her spine. No sentries. She shook her head and held her palms facing forward to sense any movement in the air.

She almost stumbled over the first body sprawled across the path.

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