Monday, July 7, 2014

Prompt: Freedom Always Comes with a Price

Genra sat patiently while the brush stroked through her hair, deft hands braided and pinned, soft voice hummed a nameless tune, although it seemed familiar somehow.

“There you are, Missa Genra.”

“Thank you, Prime.” She tilted her head and smiled into the mirror. “Bernard will appreciate your efforts.”

Prime ducked her head and glanced away. Genra suspected she had a crush on Bernard. At least she was confident he had no interest in the clones.

“Mama! Mama! Let’s see you all dressed up!” Robby and Julia raced into the bedroom, leaping onto the bed with exuberant energy. Prime stepped aside, hands behind her back, until Genra was ready for her to take them out.

Genra stood and spun, admiring the swirl of her chiffon skirt and the sparkle along her draped sleeves. Julia clapped, and Robby blew kisses. Genra curtsied to them, then nodded to Prime.

Stepping forward, Prime waved the children toward her. “Come now. Let’s let your Mama finish getting ready in peace. Secca has dinner ready for us. I think I smelled peaches—”

Robby cried, “Peach cobbler! Let’s go!” He rolled off the bed and ran out the door. Prime waited for Julia, who climbed down the bed and walked over to stand next to Genra as she leaned toward the mirror, putting on a row of silver-chain-linked earrings. She smiled down at her daughter. “Have an extra bite of cobbler for me, okay, honey?” Julia hugged her around the waist, then ran past Prime.

As Prime turned to follow the children, Genra said, “Prime? Don’t let Secca give them too much. You know Robby will have a stomachache.”

Prime ducked her head again, nodding, and left silently. Genra leaned her hands on the dressing table and stared at the reflection if the empty doorway, wondering about the anger she’d sensed from her first clone.

To be continued?

Dogs in house:
Houdini, Brindle

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait”

Time writing
~15 minutes

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  1. Writing report:
    Novel editing, spot edits Ch13b (the new one), continue Ch27 POV change, preview Ch28

    time: ~30min

  2. Ah, it took me a while to follow, but I get it now. Fascinating idea! MIght need a little more context in a rewrite, as at the first mention of clones I assumed that was something else than the characters we saw there. Perhaps because it was plural and we had only met one clone so far? A simple a change as to "the clone" might have fixed my initial misdirection.