Monday, July 28, 2014

Prompt: I didn't trust a smile with that many teeth…

I didn’t trust a smile with that many teeth. It didn’t help that Gorvians have no lips or gums. I tried not to hold that against Belvik. But the fact that he was a lying, cheating, thieving son of a vental didn’t help either. I pressed the flat of my blade against his wrist.

“Pull away slowly, and we’ll pretend that didn’t just happen,” I said with a growling rumble in my chest.

Belvik slowly pulled his hand away from my belt purse and held up both hands with a full-toothed grin. “No harm, no foul, friend,” he said, taking a step back before rubbing his wrist.

Sliding my blade back into its sheath, I muttered, “I didn’t cut you, you big baby. Not that you wouldn’t have deserved it.”

Belvik’s smile faded, his teeth retracting into his mouth with audible clicks...

To be continued?

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