Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prompt: The loneliest whale in the world

He rested at the surface of the water, slow breaths blowing a spout as waves washed over his back, covering his blowhole and slapping gently against his dorsal ridge. Each wave was different, warm or chill, as the sun vied with the ocean depths for primacy. A few birds swooped in the air, and some floated around him, hoping he would dive down and bring fish to them in his great ring bubbles. He could hear their shrill cries above the water. They never answered his song. No one did. None of his kind.

How long had he swum in the great oceans? How far had he travelled? How many times had he tilted down toward the deep and sung his song? Why did no one answer? Why was he all alone? His great wings drooped, and he moaned a long, lonely note. The birds wheeled and cried above him, but no one answered.

I’d like to work on this story, about the “52 Herz Whale”, but I’m not sure where to take the story yet. We’ll see if I return. Do you hear lonely whale song and crying seagulls (well, fulmars and shearwaters, but he wouldn’t call them that) in the intro above?

Dogs in house:

 Paul Winter, whale song

Time writing
 20 minutes, plus about 45 mins research

June word count

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