Monday, June 16, 2014

Prompt: The King’s Lessons

Bohrweis swung his staff in a wide arc, then felt the impact on the back of his thighs as his opponent swept him off his feet. At least he didn’t hit the back of his knees. Bohrweis would have been hobbling for the rest of the day. He braced his weight on his staff and rolled to his feet, bowing to his opponent.

“Well done, your majesty. I yield the floor,” he formally admitted his defeat. The king of Doorshan stepped forward, hand outstretched. Bohrweis shook it and they walked off the sandy practice ring together.

“You’re improving,” the king said mildly. “Two legal strikes. If I hadn’t gotten past your swing on that last one, you might have beaten me.” Bohrweis flushed with pleasure. The king was quick to praise when deserved, but he did not offer it lightly.

“Join us for breakfast,” the king continued. The invitation was not a question. Bohrweis followed the king into the changing room, where they dropped their clothes on the floor, leaving them for servants to retrieve, stepped under the warm waterfall to rinse off, then walked out into the warm towels held ready for them. The king pulled on a simple white tunic that looked identical to the one Bohrweis wore.

As they entered the kings private chambers, little legs carried a mop of black curls into the king’s arms. “Good morning, little one,” he laughed, as princess Aribella kissed his cheeks and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Please welcome our guest,” he said, in the same mild tone he had used with Bohrweis in the practice ring.

Aribella peeked around his cheek and smiled at Bohrweis. “Welcome, lord Bohrweis. Are you joining us for breakfast?”

Bohrweis bowed formally, though he returned the princess’s smile. “If it please you, princess.”

She slid out of her father’s arms and grabbed Bohrweis’ hand, pulling him toward the table. “Yes, come see what Poppy had made for me.” Bohrweis glanced at the king, who nodded with a twinkle in his eye.

Aribella climbed up into a chair so she could show Borhweis the intricately carved tri-level chess set. “Look,” she pointed proudly. “Air, land and sea. Just like Poppy’s battle maps.”

The king joined them at the table. “That’s right, little one. Soon you will give my best advisors a run for their money.” Aribella nodded seriously, without taking her eyes from the chess board. The king swept her up, and she giggled. “Come on, let’s join your mother for breakfast.”


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