Friday, January 15, 2016

Appearance: MarsCon 2016, Williamsburg, VA

January is a busy month and a great start to the 2016 convention season, with MarsCon fast on the heels of last weekend's Illogicon.

This is my 4th (5th?) year at MarsCon, my 2nd as a guest, and it's one of my favorite cons, small-to-medium sized, friendly and fun, with great costuming and interesting programming. The ConSuite is legendary for their food and hospitality. And if I'm lucky, I'll find my way to the Endless Party at the Cross Time Saloon! 

I may fangirl when I meet Ellen Kushner.

My MarsCon Panel Schedule:
Friday, Jan 15th
6pm Fri Auditorium Opening Ceremonies 
8pm Fri Harrison 1 Social Media Etiquette for Authors
Saturday, Jan 16th
11am Sat Harrison 3 Welcome to the Anthropocene
12pm Sat Harrison 1 Adapting Books to Movies
3pm Sat Harrison 1 The Mary Sue Complex
8pm Sat Harrison 1 Sci-Fi's Effects on Gender Perception
Sunday, Jan 17th
11am Sun Harrison 1 Writing Male Characters from a Woman’s Perspective
I will post my notes from these and other panels I attend as soon as I'm able to clean them up for you!

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Margaret S. McGraw

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  1. I met Ellen at WisCon this past year, and she was lovely and definitely one of my favorite panelists. Which reminds to see if I want to join another panel this year...