Friday, January 8, 2016

Appearance: Illogicon 2016, Cary NC

I'm delighted to be an official guest this year at Illogicon, one of my favorite Southeast conventions! Regional cons are sort of like homecoming, seeing so many familiar faces. Illogicon provides enough programming to be interesting, but not overwhelming. And the costuming is great!

My Illogicon Schedule this weekend:

Saturday, January 9th
10:00am History of Sci-Fi: From Avatar to Zardoz 
12:00pm Grammar Geeks
1:00pm The State of Sci-Fi Tv 
2:00pm Live Action Slush
7:00pm Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings

Sunday, January 10th
10:00am NSFW: Balancing the Writing Life and Work Life 
2:00pm The Weird Wild West

I will post my notes from these and other panels I attend as soon as I'm able to clean them up for you!

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Margaret S. McGraw

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