Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Con Report: IllogiCon V: Schrodington Goes to the Circus, Part 1

Friday, January 8, 2016
Illogicon is my first convention of the year, and a terrific way to start the season. In its fifth year, Illogicon is a small, regional con in Cary, NC, with lots of fun costuming, a respectable dealers' room and hall tables, and enough programming to keep me busy without being overwhelming. I know enough people, among guests, vendors, and attendees, that the con has the feel of a large family reunion.

In fact, I had no programming scheduled on Friday, so I was able to enjoy the first evening and night of the convention with friends and my daughter (this is one of her favorite cons).

The only reading I attended on Friday was Rich Dansky, who reads as he writes, clever with wry wit, often mixed with the absurd or the macabre. Rich read from two stories, the first an unpublished treat about an urban unicorn trapped by a virgin who refuses to give him up. The second, "Splash of Blue", in the Blood Sushi anthology (here's a nice review of the whole anthology), about a detective with fae blood who prefers to be paid in emotions, which he "drinks" in like the finest liqueur, while working a missing person case on the dangerous art scene of Durham, NC.

The after-hours socializing was surprisingly quiet, and I had to prepare for my first Saturday panel on the best movies of science fiction and fantasy, so we called it an early night.

Margaret S. McGraw

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