Friday, July 4, 2014

Prompt: What do you do when you inherit something that you don’t want? Part 3

"You held your own just fine," Sarah said, lips twitching as she tried to keep a straight face. "Here, have another Pringle."

He growled low in his throat. "Hold on to those. You're going to need every bit you've got."

She laughed out loud, but it was cut short by the fae standing in the road in front of them. Sarah slammed both feet onto the brake and screamed. The truck spun and slid toward the immobile beast. Sarah closed her eyes, sure she was about to commit an immortal sin. She felt rather than saw the power wash over the truck and freeze it in midair, jerking her against her seatbelt, though the former dog sitting next to her didn't so much as sway.

She unlatched the seatbelt and kicked open the door, eyes blazing with fury. Swinging free, she stomped toward the beast, still standing unmoving with the truck's right fender pressing against its knees.

"God and goddess, Swarthod, what if I had killed you? What are you doing here?" She punched the beast, who looked more like a pile of rocks than anything living, in the center of its chest. 

With a grinding chuckle, he wrapped his arms arms her and swung her around. "No kill Swarthod. I wait you here."

Sarah pulled back from hugging his neck. "You waited? All this time? Oh, Swarthod, what am I going to do with you?"

"Go home now?" He lowered her to her feet.

She took his hands and looked up, reaching up to lay her palm against his cheek. "You know?"

He nodded, rasping the skin of her palm. "Felt it."

"Yes, we're going home," she said. A beam of light shot from her forehead, and she clapped her hand over it. "Dammit, reason number four hundred and fifty six why I left this place. It was a statement, not an oath!"

Swarthod's grinding chuckle made it hard to understand his next words, but Sarah knew what he meant. 

"Yes, it's an oath now, I guess." She sighed. "Come on. You can ride in the back."

Swarthod's face split in a grin, and with a single leap, he jumped over the cab and landed with a resounding thud in the back of the truck.

"Great. There goes the suspension," Sarah grumbled, climbing back in the cab. "She glared over at her companion. "You enjoyed that, didn't you," she grumbled. The laughter rumbling in his chest was his only reply.

To be continued?

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  1. I love the way this developed! Really interesting. Great sense of voice of the main character.