Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prompt: Thunder in my hand

Thinking back, I heard the guy running behind me, his shoes smacking against the wet pavement, the echoes bouncing from the buildings. He pushed past me, his arm bent in front of him, his elbow slammed against my arm. I clapped my other hand against my tricep and shouted “Ow! Watch out!”

Then I heard the woman farther behind me. “Help! He stole my purse! Stop him!”

I saw the guy running ahead of me now, clutching a woman’s purse under his left arm, his right arm pushing ahead of him as he ran.

I’m not one to get involved. I’m no hero. He just…pissed me off. Stealing some woman’s purse and pushing people around. I clenched my fists, staring after him, scowling. I felt heat against my palms, my fingers. I wasn’t thinking as I lifted my fists, just feeling them get hotter and hotter. I flung them forward, my fingers pointing toward the still-running thief. A wave of energy rolls across my skin. Thunder rumbles, echoing between the buildings. The runner arches, dropping the purse, throwing his arms out for balance, as if he was hit from behind. Still moving forward, he falls face first against the pavement.

A couple of guys jump on him, holding him down. The woman shoulders past me, wheezing. “My purse!” I stare at my open hands…

Time writing
25 minutes

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