Saturday, July 12, 2014

Prompt: Attacked by the Soldiers of the Underground, Part 2

Without a word, Bojdehn moved to the other stall and opened the door. “Jirrewl,” he called, his voice more tender than Darryn had ever heard. “Come and give us your opinion of my young apprentice.”

Another griffin walked out, eyeing Darryn. She was smaller than the male, with delicate feathers in her forelock and mane. Her fur was palest silver, and her tail lifted and spread wide in a magnificent peacock fan. “To ride? Or to spell?”

Bojdehn shrugged, watching her closely.

Jirrewl swung her head back to Darryn and snapped her curved beak twice, tossing her head up as if she were smelling him on the air. “He is more than he knows himself, isn’t he?”

Darryn frowned and cocked his head to the side. What did she mean by that? He was just Darryn, the Master’s apprentice. He wasn’t more than anything. His attention jumped back to Bojdehn, but he had missed his reply.

“…these past four years. So, if you’re ready Guzhek?” The great male griffin nodded. “And Jirrewl?” She stepped toward Darryn and dipped her head in assent. “Then shall we make haste, Apprentice? Or would you prefer to stand here in the courtyard until dinner?”

Darryn jerked into motion, walking toward Jirrewl with his hand outstretched. She regarded him with a glimmer of amusement—or irritation?—in her eyes. As he reached out to touch her face, she drew back and said sharply “I am not a horse, Apprentice. Do not pet me. Now, ride.”

Darryn jerked his hand down to his side, face burning. How could he ride such a magnificent creature? He looked over to see his Master rising up in the air until he easily lifted his leg over Guzhek’s back. Well, Darryn could do that. He shut his eyes briefly and muttered, “Aumento no aire.”

When he was seated, Jirrewl looked back at him with a nod of approval. “Well done, young one. Now, are you ready to fly?”

Her wings unfurled beneath him, and with one powerful leap, they were in the air. Darryn expected to tumble off her back, with no saddle or reigns to hold on to, and he dared not bury his hands in her mane. But to his surprise, he stayed upright, even as she flew higher and higher. Above the trees, she flew straight, and Darryn leaned forward to see around them. “How did I do that?” He called to her.

“You? Not you, young one. That’s all me. Now relax. While we ride, you will never fall.”

To be continued?

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